According to our policy we cannot offer any refunds, return or exchange because of the customized nature of our products. Each of the apparel is made according to the client specifications so any such return policy is not applicable. 

However, in case of a serious defect, mistake or quality issue, by the brand, we may consider replacing the product shipped to you upon management’s discretion and discussion. Consideration for replacement of any such faulty or mistaken product is only applicable if the client informs us within 24 hours of the product delivery. The brand will not be liable to consider any such complaints after 24 hours and no action will be taken.

In case of replacement or exchange approval by the management, customers are liable to send back the product to the brand on their own expense with full responsibility within 7 days. If not sent within 7 days the brand will not allow any exchanges.

Cancellation of any order is not in our policy under any circumstances and no refunds will be made.


We keep a record of our product details, quality, and measurements before dispatching. This is done so that in case there is a fault in the product we can correct it before dispatching. This is done to keep strict quality check.


We sell our products on the prices mentioned which are exclusive of taxes.

We do not ask the customers to pay taxes on the prices mentioned.

Usually the international shipping is without any taxation on our product types.

In case there is a government policy regarding taxation on imported goods by any country, we are not responsible for paying the taxes but the recipients from those countries are.

We will not pay any tax or duties.


All orders are processed in US dollars. If the customers are from a country other than the USA, the prices will be shown to them in their local currency. But, they will be charged according to the currency conversion rate in US dollars at the time of their order. This rate can be confirmed from any local bank, credit card provider or money exchange agencies.


The sizes in our size chart are according the ready to wear sizes that we provide. 

Before checking out we confirm customers’ sizes through electronic confirmation. In case customers want size customization or slight variations in sizes, they need to make sure to refer to our size chart and confirm changes according to that chart to avoid confusions in measurements.

However, if customers want the size to be customized irrespective if the size chart, they will have to pay an additional $20. They can refer to our size sketch to check the measurement points. The customers are then requested to measure the points on their already stitched shirt and pants that they find perfect in fitting. The stitched shirt is to be taken for measurements.

Length of each dress will depend on its style.


We do not offer customization of fabric, colour, and design materials used in the customization of any product. 

All our products are handmade that is why the fabric, designing materials, work and colour may slightly differ from what is shown in the pictures.


Our laces and other designing materials are mostly imported from China, Malaysia and Thailand. We cannot customize these or promise to deliver the exact same materials shown in the pictures. These can slightly differ depending on the availability of the raw materials in our stock or market.


  1. There are two time periods for delivery according to product type.
  • All products will be shipped within 3-4 weeks.
  • Products belonging to bridal couture will be shipped within 4-8 weeks.
  • It is to note if a bridal dress is more detailed and requires more time to complete we will inform the customers beforehand.
  • If any customer requires urgent delivery they should contact us on our given contact numbers so we can check the feasibility and possibility of urgent delivery.
  1. Our delivery is done through FEDEX and DHL but we can use any other delivery service too depending on our situation. According to the mentioned delivery companies above the products are delivered in 48 hours once dispatched from their end. Our commitment of delivery is based on their commitment.
  2. In case the delivery is delayed from the delivery companies and the customers do not receive their products on the specified date or time we are not to be held responsible.
  3. We try our best to deliver on time and use very reliable delivery services. But in case of delay in delivery the customers need to be patient. It is better to order and specify delivery date few days before the event so the customers do not have to face issues if the delivery is slightly delayed.
  4. Usually the delivery is on time but in case of any unforeseen circumstances such as missed flight, weather conditions or any valid reason given by the delivery company, then irrespective of our guarantee of timely delivery we will not be responsible, as such circumstances are not in our control.
  5. Customers need to make sure to receive the orders themselves or by someone they trust. After receiving the order it is important to sign the delivery file of Fedex or DHL or any other delivery company we use to keep a record of the delivery.
  6. In case the receiver does not sign the file confirming order receiving and our records show that the order has been delivered then it is the customers responsibility to bear the consequences if the order is lost. We will by no means be responsible if the order is lost if the delivery is not confirmed through receivers’ signatures.
  7. The buyer is requested to schedule the delivery according to their availability at the place of delivery to avoid any problems or confusions. It is best that the customers track the shipment that we notify them of via email or any other notification method such as SMS.
  8. If the customer requests to drop the order at their doorstep or reception of their apartment or office and the order is lost the customer is solely responsible and from our side the shipment will be considered delivered in any such circumstances.
  9. Customers are recommended to always receive their shipment by themselves or through trusted family members & sign for it. It is not recommended to leave signature section on the file of Fedex or DHL blank. In case the customers do that, it is solely their own responsibility. If their shipment is lost while they allow the delivery man to leave at their doors, we shall hold no responsibility. If they are not at home most of the time they need to schedule the delivery at their available times.
  10. In view of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing situation there might be slight delays in delivery as we are operating under strict SOPs.


We try our best to deliver the exact size that the customer requests in customization but we also keep a margin of 2 inches both towards the chest and waist sides by adding 2 inch extra cloth to the product. This is to avoid any size issues.

Because it is a manual job the size cannot be promised to perfection but to the best of fittings. If there are minor alterations the customers need to bear the expense of those alterations and get it done by themselves. We cannot do the alterations after the delivery is made.


All these policies will automatically be considered accepted when customers place an order.

The order confirmation of customers assure that the customers accept and abide by these terms and conditions.